What I offer
Full room murals
A full room mural transforms your room in an imaginative way. These are popular for children’s bedrooms, nurseries, Restaurants, cafes & theatre productions. They give personality to a room purely by visual representation for members of the general public to enjoy & create social debate.

So why not spark your child’s imagination with a delightful mural.
Have them choose their own fantasy room?, with their favorite storybook or film characters or an enchanted fairy forest with Flower fairies & unicorns. Or a pirate ship theme with all sorts of treasures… The choice is yours.

Part Wall Murals
These are a good alternative to where you have limited space. And create a focal area within a room. I welcome your ideas and offer a free consultation to discuss & offer suggestions to what you are wanting for your premises.

Feature Walls
Feature walls are a good way of adding impact to a plain wall. It’s also a good solution if you don’t have a large room. But are looking for that unique artistic touch.
I provide a free consultation. Contact me by email to discuss options to suit your taste and budget.
(Travel costs will be included in the overall quotation)

The overall costs will be negotiated according to the size of the mural you require. How many characters you are wanting & complexity of the design.
More intricate work will require more time, therefore it will cost more than a simple design.

Please note: I do not charge by the hour. I will quote you a flat rate. Once the project has been discussed, agreed and signed by both parties.

Payments can be made via PayPal or debit card and paid in full after completion of work.
Any additional work or changes were done after the agreement is signed will incur additional costs.

Commissioned Canvases made to order:
I also provide artwork on canvas for you to hang direct on your wall. I work in acrylics & can offer a range of choices, favorite holiday scenery/ landscapes people / pets & portraits. The choice is yours.
Costs vary due to the size of the canvas, complexity of the image, how much intricate work is involved & postage fees.

Any questions feel free to message me via email. I’m happy to send you a non-obligatory quotation.

Many Thanks,
Dianne x

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