About the Artist

Hello,  I am a professional artist based in Hull. After experimenting with many different types of multimedia

over the years & Producing work for various local theatres & schools, I decided freelance work offered me the benefit of expanding my working network by providing me opportunities to work on different projects for different people, not just one organisation

It also enabled me to progress my Mural Art Business alongside working with various production companies.
I like the grand scale of things & the challenges that set design has to offer, its three-dimensional quality adds realism to the setting. Which involves texturing & abstracted painting as opposed to detailed artwork due to the scale of the sets & quick deadlines.

I’ve chosen Mural Art as the main component to represent my art.
As hand painted Murals are becoming more popular as a modern alternative to traditional wallpaper as home decor, and can be personalised to your taste in an original way. Providing you with something special. I aim to produce beautiful vibrant
works of art for displaying on your wall. That is unique to you.

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